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  1. Pixar Cube Balm - Buzz Lightyear
    Pixar Cube Balm - Buzz Lightyear
    Special Price $3.85 Regular Price $5.50
  2. Pixar Cube Balm - Woody
    Pixar Cube Balm - Woody
    Special Price $3.85 Regular Price $5.50

17 Items

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Lip Smacker's Most Lovable Lip Balm Collections

Discover collectable lip balms like crazy cool keychains & stackable Disney tsum tsum. Collect them all →

Marvel Lip Balm KeychainsMarvel Lip Balm Keychains

Balm & Gloss Keychains

Clip 'em to your backpack and enjoy a flavored lip balm keychain on the go.

Lip gloss shaped like animalsLip gloss shaped like animals

Lippy Pal Lip Balm & Gloss

Collect cute & cuddly Lippy Pal lip balms with animals like pandas, bunnies, and monkeys.

Disney tsum tsum stackable lip balmDisney tsum tsum stackable lip balm

Disney Tsum Tsum Stackables

Stack up Disney princesses and classic characters with Disney Tsum Tsum stackables.

Emoji Lip Balms shaped like Disney princesses with emoji facesEmoji Lip Balms shaped like Disney princesses with emoji faces

Emoji Lip Gloss & Balm

Nothing puts a smile on your face like a fun emoji lip gloss shaped like a Disney princess.